Educational training for new and existing RPAS Operators


The following educational training is available:

• Compilation of compliance documentation (Operations Manual, Security Manual, Safety Management Manual, System Safety, etc.)

• Safety Risk Assessment and Management (Operations Orientated)

• Safety Risk Assessment and Management (Aircraft and system Specific)

• In-house UAS/RPAS Maintenance Technician (RMT) training

• Introduction to airspace;

• Safety Management System for small UAS/RPAS;


Civil Aviation Authorities and Air Navigation Service Providers training


• Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Training for Regulators and ANSPs

• UAS Operations Safety Assessment and Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA)


Educational and Awareness training


We offer the following educational and awareness training to civil aviation authorities, government, State Owned Enterprises (SOE), law enforcement agencies, corporations and individuals;

• SACAA Civil Aviation Regulations (CAR) and Technical Standards (CATS) Part 101

• RPAS and Part 101 regulatory awareness, specifically for Executives and top management


Enhanced Radio Telephony Training


Applying for approval to operate in controlled airspace, let us assist you with your preparation. AfricaUSC offers assistance with “Enhanced Radiotelephony” helping the RPAS pilot to understand more of the manned aviation sector as well as Air Traffic Control procedures, identification of airspace, communications, etc.

This 1-day course will assist the remote pilot with his/her radiotelephony assessment during the CAA Phase 4: inspection and demonstration.



Through our sister company, Ntsu Aviation Solutions (Pty) Ltd., we offer specialized services to emerging and established Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) operators and industry, applying innovative and engineered problem-solving techniques to deliver optimised solutions to future challenges.






AfricaUSC assists in the development and amendment of RPAS regulations, specific to your country. Our services include continuous improvement of the regulations, ensuring proactivity and innovation.


Designing a roadmap specific to your authority, we will ensure all your regulatory requirements, for RPAS operations, are met, including:

• ICAO compliant regulation for RPAS eligible for international air navigation under IFR; and

• Regulaton of small UAS, modelled upon recommendations by JARUS, to implement second sentence of Article 8 of Chicago Convention.




We assist RPAS manufacturers (OEMs) to develop user manuals, flight manuals and training material for their products.


Our approach and principles are based on global trends and standards and conform to the best practices emerging from the International Civil Aviation Organisation and other civil aviation bodies.


For more information, contact us at: AfricaUSC (Pty) Ltd: info@AfricaUSC.co.za